Couple’s life made hell by bluebottles.


Couple’s life made hell by bluebottles.

A couple from Rutland Street have said that over the last four weeks their lives have been made hell. When drug dealers left the house next door they they left a dead dog in the house.

The house next door was raided by police and had been used previously as a cannabis factory, it is believed that the dog was left behind when the occupants left. When police entered the house the build-up of flies is thought to have been so bad police feared there might have been a human body in there. But they found a dog which was rotting so badly that had been eaten by flies that it was found difficult to see what it was.

The couple said it has been horrendous for the last four weeks with bluebottles coming under the brickwork in the shed and then making their way into the house.

The couple are thought to have been in touch with the council but were told that it was the landlord’s responsibility to clean up the property. The council can take legal action if the landlord fails to do so and it is deemed to be causing a statutory nuisance.



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