Grimsby 501 Darts League

Monday 11th November 2019 was week 6 of the Grimsby 501 Darts league on Monday nights at Birdseye.

31 players have took to the oches every week since October the 7th. Already this season 27 180s have been hit over the course of the season. Jim Janney winning the most 180s with 7 so far this winter league season.

12 100+ highest checkout have also been hit and Liam Jewitt has the highest with a relatively low high checkout of a 126 hit on 28/10/19.

League standings after 7 weeks of action
Top 6 of A pot as follows
1st Jim Janney played 13 points 24
2nd Graham Field played 13 points 22
3rd Alex Nuttall played 11 points 21
4th Liam Jewitt played 9 points 18
5th callum Jewitt played 10 points 18
6th John Riches played 11 points 18

Top 3 of Pot B as Follows
1st Lewis Gulland played 12 points 14
2nd Joel Keaney played 11 points 14
3rd David East played 14 points 14

As the season goes on I’m sure placements will change as the players face off against each other and also shock results take their toll over the season.

On monday 11th November alone 6 180s was hit along with 6 high checkouts of 100+.

Full results
Ash Newbegin 0-4 Liam Jewitt
Ash newbegin 2-4 Daz Mawer (Ash hit a 116 checkout)
Daniel Keaney 4-1 Steve Waller
Glynn Davies 2-4 Kieran Griss
Graham Field 4-0 Nick May
Hayden Newbegin 4-0 Nick May (hayden hit 1 180)
Hayden Newbegin 4-1 Lewis Pexman
Laura Dwyer 4-1 Alicia Briggs
Lee Burch 3-3 Ken Smith
Lewis Pexman 2-4 Lewis Gulland (Pexman hit a 100 checkout)
Mark Braithwaite 4-0 Gary Smith
Steve Waller 0-4 Callum Jewitt
Tony Newbegin 2-4 Daz Mawer
Alicia Briggs 0-4 Liam Jewitt (liam hit a 110 Checkout)
Danny Janney 4-1 Glynn Davies
Dave East 0-4 Jim Janney
Dave East 4-1 Danny Janney
Gary Smith 0-4 Lee Burch
Joel Keaney 4-2 Mark Braithwaite
Ken Smith 4-1 Tony Newbegin
Lewis Gulland 1-4 Callum Jewitt (callum hit 2 180s)
Laura Dwyer 3-3 Kieran Griss (laura hit 1 180)
Daniel Keaney 1-4 Jim Janney
Joel Keaney 1-4 Daniel Keaney
Kieran Griss 1-4 Joel Keaney
Liam Jewitt 4-0 Lewis Pexman (Liam Hit 1 180)
Danny janney 4-0 Gary Smith
Jim Janney 4-0 Kieran Griss (jim hit 101 & 106 checkouts)
Danny janney 0-4 Graham Field (graham hit 1 180 and a 105 checkout)

Fixtures for monday 18th November 2019 week 7

Alicia Briggs v Ash Newbegin
Tony newbegin v liam Jewitt
Callum Jewitt v Alex Nuttall
Mark Braithwaite v Stewart May
Daniel Keaney v Kieran Griss
Glynn Davies v jordan Waller
Steve Waller v Danny Janney
Jim Janney v Nick May
John Riches v Colin Craik
Lewis Pexman v Gary Smith
Liam Jewitt v Daz Mawer
Alex Nuttall v Ken Smith
Danny Janney v Daniel Keaney
Ash Newbegin v Graham Field

Dave East v Glynn Davies
Ken Smith v Lewis Gulland
Graham Field v Kieran Griss
Lee Burch v Joel Keaney
Colin Craik v Jim Janney
Dave Newbegin v Liam Jewitt
Daz Mawer v Alicia Briggs
Gary Smith v Callum Jewitt
Joel Keaney v Lewis Pexman
Kieran Griss v Steve Waller
Lewis Gulland v Tony Newbegin
Mark Braithwaite v John Riches
Nick May v Stewart May
Lee Burch v Dave East
Lewis Gulland v Kieran Griss
Daz Mawer v Jordan Waller
Gary Smith v Nick May
Dave Newbegin v Callum Jewitt

Due to the popular demand of the league entries are being taken for summer league 2020.
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Our League is proudly sponsored by Bobbies Prize Bingo Grimsby
Bingo is played on a Saturday & Sunday evening at scouts hut hall on the corner of Carr Lane and Cooper Road Grimsby.

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