The Business Hive Grimsby Election Special Business Question Time

The most controversial election for decades has been announced and courtesy of the Business Hive in Grimsby, local business people and entrepreneurs will once again get the opportunity to gather together and grill the Parliamentary candidates for what will be a hotly contested Greater Grimsby Constituency.

Candidates from the five main parties will once again face an invited audience of more than 200 people from our local business community, answer their questions and convince them they are the party for government,

Jo Taylor, Manager of the Business Hive, said.  “There is so much riding on the outcome of this election and our members along with the rest of the local business community, who  have continued to invest their lives and their fortune in the future of North East Lincolnshire, should have the opportunity to put questions to those who seek to represent them in the years ahead.”

The Panel will be made up of the following candidates.

Lia Nici (Conservative)

Melanie Onn (Labour)

Ian Barfield (Liberal Democrats)

Loyd Emmerson (Green Party)

Chris Barker (Brexit Party)

The event will be run in a similar fashion to BBC Question Time, with Mark Webb, Managing Director of E-Factor Group, chairing proceedings, ensuring questions are answered and that the audience have the opportunity to put their points over too.

Mark said ‘The enthusiasm that each of the candidates has shown for this event is encouraging, it really demonstrates their commitment to engaging with their voters and answering any concerns they might raise.  I am determined that each candidate will be given an equal opportunity to give their answers and that the questions that are asked, are answered directly and in full.’

The event will be held at the Parkway Cinema on Monday 9th December with a brief wine and nibbles reception at 5.30pm where guests can meet business colleagues and network beforehand. The candidates will take to the stage at around 6pm

The event will be open to all local businesses and their employees . Spaces are limited however so snap yours up and reserve your seats now at or call 01472 242667.

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