Blue cross warning of fatal dog disease.



Blue cross warning of fatal dog disease.

The Blue Cross Animal Hospital has confirmed that a case of Leptospirosis has recently been recorded in North East Lincolnshire. This disease is a bacterial disease that causes damage to a dog’s liver and kidneys and can often be fatal.

The disease which is also known as Lepto can affect humans as it is spread through dogs, mice, rats, and cows and infected water. Lepto bacteria enter the body through the mouth, nose, and wounds. Once inside the body, it attacks vital organs particularly the liver and kidneys.

The Blue Cross Animal Hospital urges people to check their dog’s annual vaccination is up to date as there is a confirmed case of Lepto in this area. They want people to be vigilant of signs that your dog may have contracted this infection. If your dog contracts a mild case of Lepto your vet may be able to use antibiotics and other medicines to help fight the disease.

Symptoms include.

Fever. ( high temperature)

Jaundice (yellow gums and eyes.)

Muscle pain and limping.

Weakness and collapse.

Off food.

Drinking more.


Bloody diarrhoea.

Bleeding from the mouth or eyes.

Mouth ulcer.

A dog that has Lepto will have to be treated in isolation so they do not pass the disease on to other pets or hospital staff. Even after a dog has recovered they can continue to keep spreading the Lepto germs in their urine and may still be a risk to other pets and people for some time.


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