Grimsby 501 Darts League

Monday 18th November 2019 sees most players of the league surpass the quarter of the season mark.

At this current point Graham Field leads the way at top of the league after winning all 3 games comfortably and only dropping 1 leg on the night in the process, also checking out a 102 finish in his first game against Ash Newbegin.

2nd place Jim Janney who is on joint points with Graham also only dropped 1 leg on the night and added to his 180 tally hitting 1 in both games he played on the night giving him a total tally of 9 180s from 15 games. In 3rd place is Alex Nuttall who is 1 of only 3 players still yet to lose in this winter league campaign along with Jim Janney and John Riches. Alex also beat 1 of the league favourites and the player in 4th place Liam Jewitt bringing Liam’s 1st loss of the season so far. Liam recovered well from the loss to Alex and won the rest of his games comfortably also hitting his 3rd 180 against Daz Mawer who also replied to his 180 against Liam however Liam won 4-1 in the end.

The biggest climber of the week is Daniel Keaney as he climbs from 17th spot to 10th after winning both his games tonight and hitting his first 2 180s in the same game against Jordan Waller.
3 more new players to the league continue to impress with great results so far the season in the form of Lewis Pexman, Lewis Gulland and Joel Keaney who have all settled into the league very well.

David East keeps on improving and is more than holding his own in this winter league season.

Still at bottom of the league is Alicia Briggs as she again fell short of victories tonight against Daz mawer and Ash Newbegin although Ash did hit his 2nd 116 checkout of the season to seal the 4-1 victory against Alicia it isn’t quite good enough as the highest checkout so far still stands with Liam Jewitt with 126.

Full Results
Ash Newbegin 4-1 Alicia Briggs (Ash hit 116 checkout)
Ash Newbegin 0-4 Graham Field (Graham hit 102 checkout)
Daniel Keaney 4-0 Jordan Waller (Daniel hit 2 180s)
David Newbegin 1-4 Graham Field
Jim Janney 4-1 Nick May (Jim hit 1 180)
John Riches 4-2 Colin Craik
Laura Dwyer 0-4 Lewis Gulland
Laura Dwyer 4-2 Gary Smith
Lee Burch 1-4 Joel Keaney
Lewis Pexman 3-3 Gary Smith
Liam Jewitt 4-1 Daz Mawer (Liam and Daz both hit 1 180)
Liam Jewitt 2-4 Alex Nuttall
Stewart May 2-4 Colin Craik
Tony Newbegin 1-4 Liam Jewitt
Colin Craik 0-4 Jim Janney (Jim hit 1 180)
Dave East 2-4 Daniel Keaney
David Newbegin 1-4 Liam Jewitt
Daz Mawer 4-0 Alicia Briggs
Joel Keaney 0-4 Lewis Pexman
Lewis Gulland 4-0 Tony Newbegin
Mark Braithwaite 2-4 John Riches
Mark Braithwaite 4-2 Stewart May
Nick May 4-2 Stewart May
Alex Nuttall 4-1 Lewis Gulland
Lee Burch 3-3 Dave East
Daz Mawer 4-2 Jordan Waller
Gary Smith 4-0 Nick May
Graham Field 4-0 Jordan Waller
Next weeks fixtures are currently subject to change due to players being unavailable to play.

Our league is proudly sponsored by Bobbies Prize Bingo Grimsby all our season and matches are hosted at Birdseye sports and social club Grimsby.

We are taking names up until May 2020 for summer league 2020 if you wish to join us or require any additional information please email

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