Should the old Thrunscoe site be boarded up?

The site of the former Thrunscoe School has become the hot topic amongst nearby parents residents once again.

The site, previously the school then more latterly an education centre, has been vacant since around 2017 and has become a target for children and vandals.

Due to the extent of the vandalism the site as now become highly dangerous and poses health and safety risks to anyone not wearing adequate protective clothing and head gear. Roof tiles have been damaged and windows have been smashed, all leaving the site in a very sorry state from it’s former days.

Parents are urged to warn their children against playing at or even entering the site.

Local residents have frequently reported trespassing and vandalism at the site to the police, who have been called out numerous times. One resident, who did not wish to be named said “Until the site is boarded up the yobs hanging out there can access it whenever they wish ad get away with causing all the damage they like.. Something needs to be done!”.

The site is owned by Land Developers (Lincs) Ltd, having acquired it earlier this year and the company has earmarked the site for multiple new homes.

However, until this happens, and even during the construction phase, should the site indeed be secured in order to provide a duty of care?





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