Are Lord Sugar’s remarks on tattoos justified?


Are Lord Sugar’s remarks on tattoos justified?

On Wednesday Lord Sugar called one of the contestants on the Apprentice, Lewis Ellis’s chest and arm tattoos horrific in a live tweet. He told Lewis that his heavily tattooed chest and arms would be an embarrassment to his children and did he think he was a kindle.
Lewis pointed out that no one has a right to judge your body.

We found a wide variety of opinions on tattoos. One person we spoke to said that we were born with clear skin we are supposed to keep it that way. Many people are influenced to get these horrid ink markings that destroy the skin’s natural beauty.  Self-expression of the lowest order was another remark. Another person thought they were ugly unnatural and make people look unattractive.

But some of the positive remarks were that tattoos are a form of personal expression. For many people, tattoos are not just random blotches of ink that people randomly decide to place on their bodies. They could be the signature of a lost loved one or a quote filled with overwhelming meaning. Another person said that having a tattoo does not make you trashy, a bad person or unable to hold down a serious job.

Kevin Paul a tattoo artist has said he regrets getting his face inked when he was younger. He was 28 when he had it done and thought at the time it was cool. He told Radio 1 Newsbeat that it has an impact on how people perceive him.

Do you find tattoos to be a work of art or do you think that most are horrific?







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