Is this working dad’s rant about free child care for people on benefits justified?


 Is this working dad’s rant about free childcare for people on benefits justified?

A working dad has shared his resentment towards people on benefits who don’t work and get more help towards childcare costs. Some parents have genuine reasons why they can’t work. But his rant is aimed at the lazy ones who just sit on the dole.

He wrote that he would like to know why parents who are on benefits (who choose not to work) are entitled to free childcare. If they are at home why can’t they look after their own children?

He pointed out that he and his wife work full time and pay £800 per month for childcare for 4 days a week. and also has to pay for the breakfast club. And that if they had another child he would have to give up his job.

The dad posted the remarks on a Facebook page dedicated to discussing the issue of free childcare with Helen Jones MP the House of Commons petitions committee Chair. Beside how difficult it is for working parents to leave their children in nursery or with a childminder and the general guilt there is a whopping price tag.

When they make the decision to go back to their jobs many parents feel that they should be entitled to more free childcare.  His post on social media struck a chord with many parents agreeing with him.

The dad understands that free childcare would be out of the question he wrote, but some help for working folk would be appreciated.

According to the government’s website under the current system all children in England aged 3-4 are entitled to 570 hours of free early education or childcare per week, 38 weeks of the year. Children of parents receiving income support or jobseekers allowance are entitled to free childcare from the age of two.

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