Cleethorpes man conned out of hundreds of pounds in Facebook scam.


Cleethorpes man conned out of hundreds of pounds in Facebook scam.

A Cleethorpes man is warning people to be careful after he was conned out of hundreds of pounds by fraudsters taking over his Facebook account. The man who is a full-time carer for his wife has been left £400 out of pocket which has come at the worst time as his wife is to undergo surgery.

He was originally contacted by scammers when they took over a family member’s account and started messaging him about Global Grant Funding and how he could make some money.  He was asked to click on a link to speak about funding. It then allowed someone to access his page and completely take it over. The fraudsters then changed his password so he would not be able to access the account. They told him he would receive £50,000 if he sent them £100 worth of Amazon vouchers in return he would get access to his account and receive some money he did this four times but got nothing back.

Now the same scammers are pretending to be him and to con money out of his friends two of them have been tricked so far. It is believed that as he contacted Humberside Police the scammers rang three times asking him for money.

Action Fraud warning

The advice from Action Fraud warns Facebook users that clicking on links can allow scammers access to personal information on their profile and that allowing untrustworthy sources access to personal information can lead to identity theft and fraud.

Anyone who thinks they have spotted a scam on the social network should report it directly to Facebook and anyone who has been a victim of fraud should report it to Action Fraud. Contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or online.

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