Such a horrific tragedy.


Such a horrific tragedy.

A delivery driver died in an horrific fireball when he ploughed into the rear of a lorry parked in a lay-by an inquest heard.

The Mercedes Sprinter van was travelling at almost 100mph when the impact happened. The parked Volvo caused a fireball as the van exploded into flames. The driver of the van died despite efforts by passing ambulance crew and other motorists who were heroic. They used a fire extinguisher but were forced to withdraw. Because of the threat of an imminent explosion and the intensity of the heat.

The van driver for Bonmarche Darrell Burgin 46 had only just left Grimsby and overtook two vehicles on the A180 just seconds earlier. Bonmarche transport manager said that Mr Burgin was a great driver.

The tracker revealed that the speed got more and more aggressive on the A 180 and reached speeds of 95mph before the collision.

The lorry driver Gary Thickett was asleep in the bunk of his cab when the collision happened.

An open conclusion was recorded on the fatality by coroner Mark Kendall. He said there was no evidence of the brakes being applied which suggests that he was unwilling or unable to apply the brakes or any steering action. And there was no evidence that he intended to take his own life.



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