Will 2020 see Mariners’ vision to move become reality?

Grimsby Town’s director and majority shareholder John Fenty is reported to be aggravated that the planned take over of the club is exceeding expected time limits.

Delays were encountered when two parties – Colin Dodd and Tom Shutes – were interested, but now that the take over is a one-horse race with Shutes the jockey, why is it still not a ‘done-deal’?

Reports suggest that it seems it all comes down to having the finances in place and due diligence being done.

Mr Fenty has made it clear that, although he is ready to pass the baton on to the Club’s new owner, this can only be done when everything is in place. His frustrations are worsened as his biggest fear, that the Club could lose out on relocation plans, may become a reality.

It is understood that Mr Shutes backs plans to move the ground to the docks, but the Freeman Street site, currently on the table, will not be around forever.

Let’s hope that the Mariners get whichever move is going to be best for the Club – the loyal fans will no doubt support them wherever they go…..


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