What a lovely gesture.


What a lovely gesture.

A pub in Wimbledon is hosting a don’t be on your own day to combat loneliness on Christmas Day.

They are offering a three-course meal, Secret Santa and joy, and laughter for anyone who will be on there own on Christmas Day. And in a lovely gesture, it’s all free.

The couple have been managing the pub for ten years and eight years ago started pulling free pints to anyone on their own on Christmas Day. Then three years ago they got a bigger kitchen and extended the gesture to a three-course meal. With absolutely no catch

The local community gets involved, with shops and residents donating gifts and food. The waiters and waitresses are volunteers, and people offer their time to help wrap presents for the guests.

They expect to see at least 100 people visiting the pub on December 25th. People don’t have to book they just have to turn up.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if more pubs could adopt this idea?





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