A mum from Cleethorpes has been left disgusted after she has found discarded dirty needles next to a Cleethorpes Primary School.

She is urging other parents to be vigilant after she discovered the five needles next to St Peter’s Church Of England Primary School. The mum believes that next time people give money to the homeless down St Peter’s Ave, they should remember what it is paying for.

She reported the find to North East Lincolnshire Council and waited there until they arrived to clear away the needles. One mum said that this is disgusting and should not happen. But there is at least 10-15 scattered about the floor outside the Mariners pub which she has to pass every day with her three-year-old. Another mum remarked that they have places where they can dispose of them safely it makes her sick that they don’t bother.

North East Lincolnshire Council advises residents who come across needles in public places to alert them. They will come and collect them safely and urge residents not to touch or try and dispose of needles themselves. Once a needle has been used it could carry diseases such as Hepatitis B, hepatitis C or HIV.


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