Woman THREW her own baby as a weapon causing devastating defects

A female police officer sustained life changing injuries when a mother threw her own baby at her in a fit of rage.

The sickening events unfolded at Hull Royal Infirmary in 2017 when 24-year-old Kirsty Bearfield attended with her two children, one of which was being seen for injuries which medical professionals confirmed were not accidental injuries. Social services promptly attended to place the children in the care of their father.

An officer tried to explain this to Ms Bearfield, and that it was in the children’s best interests, but Ms Bearfield responded by throwing her baby straight at the officer.

Miraculously the officer caught the baby boy and saved it from harm, but, in doing so, as she threw her head back to prevent the baby being injured, she trapped a nerve in her spine.

The officers injury required surgery and was advised that she may lose the use of her arm. Luckily this was not the case, although the officer, also a mother, has never regained full use of one of her shoulders and has a scar from surgery.

In a statement to Hull Crown Court, the officer described how deeply traumatic the event was and how it has impacted her lifestyle forever.

Ms Bearfield, who already has 4 previous convictions for battery, admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm in Court.

She avoided a prison sentence and was sentenced to 12 months in jail, suspended for 18 months. The Judge also ordered that she attend rehabilitation.



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