Paedophile thought to be just nine when he targeted his first victim.



Paedophile thought to be just nine when he targeted his first victim.

A Lincolnshire mother is distraught believing that her son could have been one of serial paedophile Oliver Wilson’s first victim’s when Oliver Wilson was just nine.

The mother was friendly with Oliver’s family and they spent time together. When her son was six she found him doing something inappropriate and when she asked what he was doing he replied that this is what Oliver does to me.

She believes it could have happened when her son stayed over one weekend. The mum knew that her son was physically too young to be doing what she saw he was just three at the time. Social services became involved. Oliver Wilson was not prosecuted for the incident because he was under the age of criminal responsibility.

Her son is believed to be very angry and upset and felt that nobody believed him he has gone downhill since reading the stuff that Oliver Wilson and Rebecca Holloway have done. He is now in his 20s and is thought to have driven to the prison where he believed Oliver was being held and wanted to stab and kill him. Her son was arrested and appeared in court but was not jailed.

Repeat Paedophile Oliver Wilson 28, was found guilty at Grimsby Crown Court . of 11 charges of rape and sexual assault of a young child in 2014 and 2017. He and his accomplice Rebecca Holloway Of Rutland Street Grimsby admitted a number of other sexual offences against children including rape. Wilson is awaiting sentence.

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