Scott McKay: life sentence for murderers

Hull men jailed for life for the brutal murder of Scott McKay

Two men from Hull have been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a man who died nine days after they brutally assaulted him in the city earlier this year.

Jason Shreeve, 42, of Barnsley Street and Luke Hainsworth, 30, of Elder Avenue were found guilty this morning after a three week trial at Sheffield Crown Court of murdering 41-year-old Scott McKay on Buckingham Street in Hull on Saturday 6 July.

On Friday, both sentenced to life in prison. Jason Shreeve must serve a minimum of 19 years, Luke Hainsworth a minimum of 16 years.

The jury in the trial took just over an hour to deliver its verdict.

Mr McKay died more than a week after the incident from serious head injuries. The pair had used multiple weapons to hit him over the head during the assault including a saucepan and a wooden pole.

The CCTV footage below is of Jason Shreeve and Luke Hainsworth walking to and from the crime scene on Buckingham Street in Hull:



Detective Inspector Alan Curtis who led the investigation said: “Mr McKay suffered a violent and unprovoked assault at the hands of Shreeve and Hainsworth. They went to his address looking for someone else, and when Scott told them to leave he was attacked.

Above: Luke Hainsworth

Above: Jason Shreeve


“Scott tried in vain to defend himself and ran out of the house. There, he was knocked unconscious and kicked and stamped on while lying in the road unable to defend himself.

“This resulted in multiple fractures to Scott’s head and face. He unfortunately succumbed to his injuries in hospital nine days later.

“During the assault Scott was hit so hard with the saucepan that its handle broke off.

“When Shreeve and Hainsworth left the scene they were overheard bragging about their actions. They attempted to hide their clothing, which was later found in Shreeve’s loft, and tried to get out of what they’d done by pleading self-defence.

“Jason Shreeve also claimed he was suffering from a medical condition that he said diminished his responsibility.

“This was not a case of self-defence. This was a murderous act committed by two cowardly and violent individuals who intended, at the very least, to cause serious injuries to Scott McKay.

“The tragic result of those intentions was that Scott lost his life.

“Mr McKay’s family have been put through the ordeal of this trial that lasted three weeks, where they had to hear the awful details about what happened to him.

“I want to thank them for their dignity throughout, and also my team of officers who worked diligently to bring these individuals in front of the court.”

Ryan Cousins, Scott’s brother, said: “These convictions will never be able to bring Scott back. He was a kind and thoughtful brother who never deserved to be killed in these circumstances, and who will be sorely missed by everyone that knew him.

“We want to thanks the emergency services and hospital for trying to save Scott’s life. We also want to thank the police for supporting us and for securing the convictions of these two dangerous men so they will never put any other families through what we have been through.”


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