Council hiring extra staff to help with the demands of the festive season

Whether you’re enjoying your Christmas dinner leftovers or snuggled up on your sofa binge watching your favourite programme, remember to spare a thought for your bin crew and street cleansing teams this festive season.

They will be hitting the street at 7am the day after Boxing Day to collect leftover turkey carcasses, reams of wrapping paper and mountains of polystyrene packaging, clearing away 500 tonnes more rubbish than normal.

A bin crew worker will typically walk 10 miles a day in all weathers collecting and hauling about 10 tonnes of waste and recycling.

During the Christmas holiday, the team takes an extra 122 tonnes of dry recycling and 400 tonnes of household waste than they would in a usual month – about the same weight as 130 cars.

North East Lincolnshire Council is hiring extra staff to help cover the rounds to help with the demands of the festive season.

The Council will also be doubling up on our recycling vehicles, going from nine to 18, and we will have 12 domestic waste vehicles, instead of the usual eight.

Bin wagons leave the Gilbey Road depot in Grimsby at 7am ready for household waste and recycling collections.

Workers from the street cleansing team spend much of their time at Christmas clearing rubbish that has been fly-tipped.

All households in the borough will be sent a holiday waste and recycling leaflet with their Christmas collection dates, including lots of other useful information about waste and recycling in North East Lincolnshire.

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