[Gifted Experience] Dolly’s Jewellery Making Workshop

[Gifted Experience] Dolly’s Jewellery Making Workshop

I love experiencing new things in Cleethorpes so was delighted when I got a lovely message from Sarah at Dolly’s inviting me and my Mum to one of her jewellery making workshops.

The class was held at The Barge in Grimsby. For those who haven’t been to The Barge it’s a quirky little boat on the River Freshney in Grimsby town centre. It’s been there for as long as I can remember and is a really cool venue (I have also heard they do amazing food which I must check out).

Sarah greeted us on arrival and showed us to our seats where all the equipment was laid out for us. Whilst waiting for other guests to arrive we chose the charms for our two, yes that’s right TWO pieces of jewellery we were making that evening.

Once everyone arrived the team at The Barge brought us a glass of prosecco, I’ve not had a alcohol for over a month so it was a lovely little treat.


We then got cracking with the first piece a beaded bracelet with a charm, I chose a wing and with Sarah’s expert guidence we started threading our bracelets. I must admit I am usually all fingers and thumbs when it comes to things like this so was quite pleased with myself once I got all the beads on and managed to tie the bracelet into place.

The second piece of jewellery we made was a lovely necklace again with a charm, this time I chose a feather as my Mum always looks out for feathers and has me in the habit as they’re said to be messages from your guardian angels. This was a lot harder than it looked and I can’t really take credit for it as Sarah managed to help me with this one, although everyone else seemed to manage it with ease!

Mum and I had a really great evening, it was a fun crowd, we met some lovely people and had a lot of laughs. I’d definitely recommend one of Sarah’s upcoming workshops and she also holds workshops for children too so the little ones can get involved.

For more information you can find Sarah on her Facebook Page and also her Instagram.

Gemma Robinson AKA Girl Up North is a local Cleethorpes girl. After moving away for eight years she returned in 2018 and has a real passion for all things local. Keen to promote North East Lincs, Girl Up North focuses on the people, businesses and events in the area, with a little bit of her life thrown in for fun!