Suspected Fraud at Lottery outlet.



Suspected fraud at Lottery outlet.

A Cleethorpes lottery outlet has been suspended by Camelot in a suspected fraud investigation. Fraud investigators suspended the National Lottery terminal at the Londis Store on Grimsby Road.

A woman claims that she was told her scratch card was not a winner. And then it was cashed in only minutes after she left the shop.

The woman believed that she had won on her scratch card and took two into the shop at the jet garage.

It is believed she was told that neither of her tickets was winners. So they were thrown in the bin behind the counter,

She was so convinced her card was a winner and returned to the shop the next day. She was told again that her card was not a winner.

But when they retrieved the tickets with one being ripped and the other with a slight tear. She checked them-electronically at her own place of work it revealed a £10 win,

The screen said it had previously been paid at 10.06 six minutes after she first entered the garage.

She went back to the garage again but they still refused to pay here.

Her concerns were reported to Camelot and they confirmed that they had suspended a lottery outlet in Cleethorpes.




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