Owners of Nunny’s farm can’t afford Christmas dinner.



Owners of Nunny’s farm can’t afford Christmas dinner.

The family who is behind Nunny’s farm has been forced to sign up for Universal Credit in order to survive and feed the animals. The owners have ploughed all their savings into the popular urban farm community project.

In order to get their children presents and have enough feed for the animals, they are preparing for a budget Christmas dinner of sandwiches.

The couple has been unable to unlock grants which have already been approved because of a hold up in a planning application to expand the farm. They were told a year ago that the planning application would take eight weeks. but it has now been delayed indefinitely.

Because of this, the couple has been using their own money to keep the farm running.

The Nunny’s farm as done lots of positive work for the community including helping children from Phoenix House and guiding them in a positive direction to turn the lives around. It is believed at least one child has given up drug dealing because they would rather spend their time caring and looking after the animals.

Sports England objected to the expansion because the land on which the farm is based was included in the council’s playing field strategy. Before the objection can be lifted a similar piece of land would have to be found to replace it. Because of the problems with this, they can not use grant funding that has been ring-fenced for projects and they cannot fully open the farm to the public. The council is working with Sports England to try to resolve it and allow their objections to the plans to be lifted.



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