Watch Santa fly over the UK.




Watch Santa pass over the UK.

Your little ones will enjoy watching Santa’s sleigh pass over the Uk as he dishes out presents to children far and wide. The International Space Station will pass twice over the UK.

Adults can keep the magic alive by fooling the kids that the moving station in the sky is Santa’s Sleigh. It is only visible for a few moments at a time so you need to get the time right.

On Christmas Eve he will pass over the UK at 06.06 am and 07.42.a.m It may be better to see on Christmas Day with it passing at 5.19 am and 6,53am while it is darker. You could get away with it by saying Santa’s job is done and he’s on his way back to Lapland.

It will be hard to spot in the daylight but in the dark, it will be the third brightest object in the sky. It looks like a plane but flying much higher and faster.

To get the ultimate experience you could use an ISS tracker which is an app you install on your phone.


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