Two men jailed after chilling threats.



Two men jailed after chilling threats.

In a shocking incident, two men confronted a victim in his own home. One of them threatened him with a knife, and they hit him in the face and knocked a tooth out. One of the men believed that the victim owed money to his stepdaughter.

They barged into the victim’s house and told him I hope you die, I wish you would die. They kept him captive for about an hour and terrified and humiliated him and refused to allow him to leave. It is believed that he was told if he shouted for help they would slit his throat.

They are also thought to have threatened to petrol bomb his house. They stole £30 cash, his passport, motorcycle keys, and cigarettes. The victim is believed to have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress syndrome and is on constant medication. He is also thought to have had to move out of Grimsby because of threats made to him.

Rahman Chowdhury 39 and Michael Evans 30 admitted burglary and affray at Grimsby Crown Court, Chowdury was jailed for four -and -a- half years and Evans for four years.


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