Don’t let your dog be poisoned this Christmas.



Don’t let your dog be poisoned this Christmas.

For household pets treats like Christmas pudding and mince pies have far more serious consequences than just putting on a few pounds.

Raisins sultanas and currants can be lethal for dogs. Even small amounts could cause organ failure and vets that they see a large number of poisoning cases over Christmas involving raisins and alcohol.

A dog called Marley a five-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier from Stoke was left lucky to be alive when he ate Christmas pudding and Chocolate he had reached them from the side. He needed a fluid drip and emergency medication but is thankfully recovering.

Another dog ate mulled wine-soaked Christmas pudding and needed activated charcoal to absorb the toxic substances from his stomach.

List of other foods that could be potentially extremely dangerous for dogs.





Macadamia nuts.


Artificial sweetener Xylitol.


Cooked Bones.

Grapes and raisins.

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