Foxes are still killed on hunts!

Foxes are still killed on hunts despite new laws.

Boxing Day saw at least 80 Fox hunt meets take place across the country.

The Countryside Alliance report, the majority of them will take place in England, with several charities coming out to protest them.


Killing foxes with a pack of dogs was banned in 2004, but groups can still take part in ‘trail hunting’ where hunts follow a scent along a pre-determined route with hounds even though it can sometimes result in the death of a fox.

This loophole  infuriates protesters who are calling for a strengthening on the hunting ban to include jail sentences.

Supporters of the Hunts feel they are only working with the laws that are in place.

What is your view? Is this acceptable and does it control the fox population or is it a bunch or Toffs mercilessly killing a poor animal?

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