Are you going dry for January? just look what it could buy you.



What going dry for January could buy you.

Going dry for January is usually known for its health benefits. But it could also help towards your holiday finances.

Researchers have found that a couple who give up booze for a month and beyond could save enough money to splash out on a variety of trips.

Abstaining for five weeks would buy a £218 two-night stay in Amsterdam. But those with the discipline to go ten-weeks could book a £435 five-night holiday in Portugal’s Praia da Rocha.

If you could make it to 17 weeks you could fund seven nights in Naples at £740. If you have got exceptional self-control a full year off drink will buy an all-inclusive seven night stay in Jamaica’s Montego Bay at £2,263 in January 2021.

Researchers assumed a weekly £44 habit of eight pints of beer and one bottle of wine per couple bought from a pub or bar. They said extending dry January may not work for everyone but a new year resolution is easier to stick to if you have a holiday on the horizon.

A month of alcohol-free has lots of benefits it has been found that a month off alcohol lowers blood pressure, reduces diabetes risk, lowers cholesterol, and reduces levels of cancer -related proteins in the blood. During Dry January last year, 88% saved money,71% slept better and 58% lost weight. It only takes three weeks to break a habit so this could be your route to happier healthier drinking long-term.

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