Pensioner gives evidence against carer from beyond the grave.


Pensioner gives evidence against carer from beyond the grave.

A vulnerable pensioner Eileen Fuller 79 was interviewed on camera by police before she died last year. Police were investigating her carer , Karen Smith.

The care worker is accused of plundering up to £20,000 from the vulnerable pensioner bank account. The carer is accused to have claimed over-inflated wages and gone on foreign holidays with her as well as shows in Leeds, Manchester, and Skegness.

It is believed that the pensioner had no idea her money was being taken, and at one stage up to £11,000 was taken in just four months. Karen Smith 53, of Crowland Ave, denies three offences of fraud. In the interview with police, the frail pensioner spoke about the trips and holidays she had taken but struggled to remember many of the details.

It is claimed that Karen Smith exploited Mrs. Fuller’s frailty and vulnerability to raid the pensioner’s savings and bank account. It is claimed that she charged a lot more in wages than she worked and that she allegedly used the pensioner’s money to buy goods for her family and herself, which is believed to have included i pad, Apple watch, i phone, a digital camera, a printer, and a Fit Bit exercise monitor.

It is claimed that Smith took the pensioner to the bank every week and Mrs. Fuller withdrew £400 to £500 a week as part of a private arrangement. Karen Smith was being paid through an agency for only one hours care work a day but Mrs. Fuller did not know this. The carer was alleged;y charging the pensioner under a private arrangement for eight hours a day at £10 an hour making £560 a week.

The trial continues.


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