Are Harry and Meghan doing the right thing?



Are Harry and Meghan doing the right thing?

Harry and Meghan plan to quit the royal careers and announced they are quitting their frontline roles.

It is believed that the dramatic decision was taken without the knowledge of the Queen, Prince Charles or Prince William.

Harry and Meghan want to be financially independent and plan to earn their own income, which they are currently prevented from doing.

But is it right that they could still take money from Prince Charles ? But they will give up their right to money from the sovereign grant.

They would also keep their home at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor as a UK base which was paid to be done up with £2.4 million of public money.

They would also keep police protection funded by the taxpayer, they have offered to carry out a vastly reduced number of royal duties in Britain and elsewhere in the commonwealth.

They want to balance their time between the UK and North America.

Meghan has already returned to North America where Archie is with his nanny.

It is believed that the Queen and the Prince of Wakes are not railing against if the decision is right or wrong, they just know that the situation has to be dealt with and are tying to resolve it.



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