Don’t despair.


It is actually a good thing if your baby won’t sleep through the night.

Scientists have revealed that there is something special about babies who don’t sleep through the night.

When we become a new parent all we want is for our baby to be happy and healthy.
But if we are really honest we wish they could sleep through the night so we can enjoy some sleep ourselves.

But scientists say that if your little one is constantly waking you up crying through the night that could actually be a good sign.

According to scientists from Bristol University those long sleepless nights might be actually worth something.

They say that babies who don’t sleep all night are potentially smarter than those who love snoozing.

Professor Peter Fleming who works on infant health and psychology suggests that not sleeping through the night and high levels of intellectual achievement might be correlated.

Although most parents won’t like to hear it he says that human infants are not designed to sleep for long periods, it is not good for them and there is no evidence that there is a benefit to anyone in having a child who sleeps longer and consistently.

Much as you may not like it there is a good reason children like to be awake at night. He says Biologically that it is a big advantage because they will have more attention from their caregivers at that time because of fewer distractions.

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