Police officers filmed punching and kicking surrendered suspect

Police officers filmed punching and kicking surrendered suspect.

The CCTV footage showed three Lancashire police vehicles  pulling up behind a man who was identified as 34-year-old Adeel Ashraf. Ashraf was walking along the pavement in Accrington.

The man surrendered by putting both hands in the air and then  kneels on the ground just before five officers exit the vehicles and charge towards him. The officers then began push the suspect to the ground and punch and kick him continuously before handcuffing him.

The person to publish the video on social media is identified as Ustadh Mohammed Quraishi. Ustadh is Muslim activist and religious teacher in Blackburn.

Other eyewitnesses which feature in the vide, are shocked that they saw a surrendering victims head being banged against a curb, causing head injuries. The eye witness also states that she believe it portrays the wrong message about surrendering, she strongly believes it should not be allowed to occur.

Lancashire police have ensured that the incident is being fully reviewed.

Footage which was caught on cctv.


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