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A School is going to fine parents £1 for every five minutes they are late picking the kids up from school.

A Primary school in Kent has warned parents that if they are late picking their kids up from school they will be fined for every five minutes that they are late. The school has even warned that if children are still waiting to be picked up by 4 pm the school could even ring social services.

If parents cannot be contacted kids will be admitted into the care of the local authority.

The new policy which deters even a ten-minute late pick -up has left many parents furious. Many parents have pointed out that lots of schools finish at the same time which makes it difficult to collect kids on time.

The school finishes at 3.30 pm but they say it is a regular occurrence to have a significant number of children uncollected at 4 pm. When this happens a member of staff has to be paid overtime to supervise those children.



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