4 year old girl dies after bike helmet gets caught.

4 year old girl dies after bike helmet gets caught.

4 yeard olf Freya
Picture: BBC. 4 year old Freya, passes away after being suspended to tree branch.

4 year old Freya dies after her bike helmet gets caught on branch of a tree. It is thought that Freya potentially slipped while climbing a tree with her friend.

Suspended from the branch the bike helmet strap got tighter and tighter against her throat. The death of young girl Freya had destroyed the family members lives, she was loved and admired massively.

A women who was passing by with a child, found Freya suspended from the branch and dialled 999 as soon as she could due to being unable to remove Freya from the branch herself. A man also performed CPR on Freya before the paramedics arrived.

Two days later the four-year-old sadly died at the John Radcliffe Hospital due to the brain injuries she had sustained.

The family members would like to thank anyone who attempted to help their little girl, it was appreciated greatly.


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