Doncaster property training debt soldier killed himself.

Doncaster property training debt soldier killed himself.

Mr Butcher took his life just 11 weeks after his wedding day.

A soldier killed himself after paying £13,000 for training with a property company. The company promises people that they will become ”financially free”.The family of Danny Butcher, 37, claim he never made the money he thought he would.

Thousands of people want refund from property investors.

Former illusionist Samuel Leeds who runs the company, made the statement that, “People should only purchase courses they can afford.”

Mr butcher, from Doncaster had previous mental health issues which his family was aware of. Further more he was also in debt before taking the loan to pay the property investing company.

His family was made to believe he would make enough money from the property investment in order to replace a salary or wage. He saw an opportunity in this investment and as a chance to impress his family. It didn’t go the way it was planned, leading to Mr butcher feeling as though he had disappointed everyone and eventually taking his life.

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