Teen robbed by gang outside McDonald’s.

Teen robbed by gang outside McDonald’s.

A teenager was robbed at knife point outside of McDonalds. The 19 year old was heading towards the bus station in the city centre, when he was approched by 3 youths.

They walked him to a bench, sat him down, one to his left with a sharp object pointing into his side, one to his right and one stood in front of him. They took his phone, made him take the PIN off, took the SIM out and gave this back, took his wallet but gave him back his driver’s licence and receipts and even his phone charger.

They threated the 19 year old, if anyone was to find out they’d send 10 black men to the teens house to kill everyone. But after they had taken what they wanted, they said they would look out for him and gave him a fist bump.

The three youths are said to look around 16 to 18 years old and are alleged to be part of a wider gang.

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