Plans for changes to Cleethorpes paddling pool.



Plans for changes to Cleethorpes paddling pool.

Plans have been announced by Nathan Taylor of Your Community Interest Company. The company which runs Cleethorpes paddling pool and the Cleethorpes Discovery Centre.  Plans are to remove the paddling pool and replace it with splash pads so it can be bought into the modern era.

By making the move the facility would become more inclusive and allow disabled and able-bodied children to play together. It is believed that by installing splash pads it would be safer and cleaner for children to use.

Parents were spoken to during last summer abut the plans and they received overwhelming approval. At the moment disabled children can not use the paddling pool. By replacing it with splash pads it will be more inclusive and allow these children to play with their friends.

New changing rooms will installed which will have a special disabled section. There will be a hist sand harness to allow wheelchair-bound children to easily get changed.

There will be no imminent change to the paddling pool the plans will be put in place when Sam’s Park Campaign has finished. The Sam’s Park campaign was launched to help raise£80,000 for a wheelchair and disability friendly playpark which will be based in Grant Thorold Park, Grimsby. In memory of Sam Blessington who passed away in September 2016.

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