Does your husband cause you more stress than the kids?



Husbands cause more stress to their wives than their children.

A study has found that husbands cause a higher level of stress in their wives than their children.

In a survey by Today, it was found that on average they rate their levels of stress at a high 8.5 out of ten. And 46 percent of wives say that their husbands add more stress to their day to day lives than their children.

A lot of mums complained that they think of their other half’s as big kids rather than equal partners. Which gives them another not so little person to keep an eye on.

Three quarters feel like the majority of parenting and household tasks fall to them. And they stress about not having enough time in the day to finish everything that needs doing. One in five says that a daily source of stress is feeling that they don’t get enough help or support from their spouse.

But 1,500 fathers surveyed found that dads feel like they are contributing more than ever to raising their kids, and don’t get any credit.

Do you agree does your husband cause you more stress than the kids?


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