Did this stranger do the right thing?


Did this stranger do the right thing?

An online debate has broken out among parents after a stranger called police when a mum left her young child in the car while she ran into a shop.

A stranger saw a woman locking her car and heading into a store. But she left behind a child thought to be one or two years old in the car.

The stranger thought the woman may have forgotten the child so she shouted hey your child is still in the car. The woman thanked her and replied I’ll only be a minute and walked away.

The stranger was stunned and then worried that if something happened she would never forgive herself. She approached the woman who replied it is ridiculous waking a sleeping baby when your just running in to buy one thing and I do not have to explain myself to you it is none of your business.

After standing around feeling very uneasy the stranger called the police. As they arrived the mum came out of the store and began crying hysterically and explaining she hadn’t been long.

The post on Reddit attracted passionate debate and opinion was divided. What is your opinion was the stranger right to call the police?

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