Love them or hate them today is pancake day! Will you be having one of these favourite toppings on your’s?


Do you know why today is Shrove Tuesday?

Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is the traditional feast day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. Lent is the 40 days leading up to Easter. And it was traditionally a time of fasting and on Shrove Tuesday, Anglo Saxon Christians went to confession and were “shriven” (absolved from their sins). A bell would be rung to call people to confession. This came to be called the “Pancake Bell” and is still rung today.

Shrove Tuesday always falls 47 days before Easter Sunday.  So the date varies from year to year and falls between February 3 and March 9. In 2020 Shrove Tuesday will fall on February 25th.

Shrove Tuesday was the last opportunity to use up eggs and fats before embarking on the Lenten fast. Pancakes are the perfect way of using up these ingredients.

A pancake is a thin, flat cake, made of batter and fried in a frying pan. A traditional English pancake is very thin and is served immediately. Golden syrup or lemon juice and caster sugar are the usual toppings for pancakes.

What is your favourite topping?

Will you be having pancakes tonight? Which is your favourite topping is it lemon and sugar, maple syrup, golden syrup, honey, chocolate spread, ice cream, jam, banana, bacon, strawberries, or blueberries are many of the popular ones.

Or maybe you like something more exotic like squash goats cheese and rosemary pancakes, or Quesadilla pancakes red pepper and cheese filling, spicy beans lettuce and avocado.

Let us know which is your favourite topping.


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