Breaking: Coronavirus in Grimsby?

Breaking: Coronavirus in Grimsby?

Reports are alleging that two people have tested positive for Coronavirus at Diana Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby. They have now apparently been transferred to Castle Hill Hospital in Hull.

One patient is suspected to have recently returned from Italy.

A&E staff have been updated about the situation via messages from senior management.

We will keep you updated as the story develops.

If you suspect that you may have come into contact with someone who has Coronavirus, please call NHS 111. Diana Princess of Wales Hospital also has a ‘Coronavirus Pod’ at the main entrance.

The UK government has said that it is prepared for the “low to moderate” risk of a Coronavirus pandemic, as outlined in an earlier article:

Recent attempts to monitor and control the situation include:

  • Specialist units have been set up to contain the virus.
  • Enhanced monitoring of flights from nine countries including China, Thailand and Japan.
  • Travellers are strongly advised not to travel to affected areas, including Northern Italy.
  • Those returning from affected areas or experiencing symptoms are instructed to self quarantine and contact NHS 111.

Advice on how to safeguard against Coronavirus has also been issued.

No formal flight restriction between Italy and the UK has been put in place.

This comes after Health Secretary Matt Hancock ruled that it would be an ineffective method of preventing the spread of a Coronavirus pandemic across the UK:

“If you look at Italy, they stopped all flights from China and they’re now the worst affected country in Europe.”

Instead, Mr Hancock simply advises that travellers to and from Italy and Asian countries isolate themselves. This is regardless of whether or not they experience symptoms.

He claims that the UK government has already done

“a huge amount of work” to avoid a pandemic. He also stated that “once it gets to that point there isn’t a way to stop it coming into the UK.”

A spokesperson for the PM has said that the UK is prepared for “all eventualities.” He claims that “we are using tried and tested procedures to prevent further spread and the NHS is extremely well prepared.”

We will keep you updated as the story develops.


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