Lincolnshire businesses cut costs and become sustainable with the help of Solar PV grant funding from Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire.

Lincolnshire businesses cut costs and become sustainable with the help of Solar PV grant funding from Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire.

With the growing environmental concern businesses are taking responsibility to become more sustainable. Recently there has been an increase of investment in solar PV, as businesses are turning to alternative sources to reduce costs.

With a shortage of fossil fuels on the rise, the benefits of sustainable energy sources is becoming more appealing now than ever.

Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire, a programme led by North East Lincolnshire Council, is offering eligible SME’s in the Greater Lincolnshire area grant funding towards solar PV and other energy saving measures such as LED lights.

Helen Norris, Programme Manager for Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire said that:

“We are seeing more and more businesses interested in solar PV. The technology holds so many benefits! To name a few, it allows you to save money as it is cheaper to produce energy than it is to buy from the grid, plus it’s easy to maintain and produces zero carbon emissions”

“Eligible small to medium businesses in the Greater Lincolnshire area can access 38% grant funding to help them invest in solar PV. It’s only available until March 2021, so we urge businesses to get in touch now to find out more”

The Smart Energy programme is also working with a team of world renowned leading experts in energy resource efficiency from the University of Applied Sciences Trier’s Institut fur angewandtes Stroffstrommanagement (IfaS). A non for profit research institute based in Germany.

Thomas Anton, Head of the department for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency said that:

“Using Solar PV for electricity production is simple and very promising. Between 25% and 30% of the electricity your business uses can be produced by the sun. Also, by installing a battery unit this will allow you to store extra energy; enabling you to cover up to 60% of your daily energy usage. This means the energy you need to buy from the grid is less, this will not only lower your costs but your carbon emissions too”

“Our team provide free onsite audits which will identify the best energy saving technology for your SME, whether that is solar PV or other energy saving technology such as LED lights. Your tailored report will give you advice on the costs, savings and the payback period”

IfaS support the programme through free expert advice and an onsite audit to help businesses invest in the right energy saving technology for them.

E-Tech solutions, based in Grimsby, is one of the many businesses that have benefited from the programme and have invested in solar PV.

Rob Andrews, Service and Technical Manager, at E Tech Solutions said that:


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