An update on Cleethorpes’ White Palm

An update on Cleethorpes’ White Palm

In this morning’s update from North East Lincolnshire Council, it has been announced that plans for a White Palm on Cleethorpes’ North Prom have been approved.

Members of the planning committee drew to a conclusion on this public art proposal at today’s meeting. Three other elements of public art are also destined for Cleethorpes’ seafront.

The sculpture is due to be constructed and installed later this year.

It is due to be erected at the end of the Wonderland building on the North Prom, which in conjunction with wider works in and around the resort, was awarded an arts and culture grant from the Coastal Communities Fund.

So far, public responses to the plans have included:

“What a waste of money. This is something that will look beautiful in the dark until it gets wrecked breaks down and doesn’t light up. Then it will sit there knackered because North East Lincolnshire Council cannot decide whose responsibility it is to repair it.”

“They need to spend the money on doing up the seafront that end to make it more inviting to tourists and the the people who live in Cleethorpes. It currently looks a mess on the North Prom and I it should be down to people who live in Cleethorpes to decide on the best way to spend the money to improve the town.”


I’m all for updating the seafront, especially the North Prom, but cannot see anything relevant or attractive about this project. There must be a better way to invest 600k . About time they used someone local to come up with proposal and spend that money in the area.”

The White Palm has been designed by German artist Wolfgang Weilder and will be 72ft tall. The sculpture will be positioned next to the area of the Humber that covers a petrified forest. Weilder previously commented that whilst it is a nod to the past in terms of the forest, it is also a warning for the future that if climate warming continues, palm trees might become a common sight on the British coastline.

Cllr John Fenty, Cabinet member for regeneration, said: “This is a really exciting project, and I’m pleased colleagues from across the council could see the potential.

“The objective of the public art project is to help to drive footfall along the North Prom which can only have a positive impact on businesses and health and wellbeing.

“I would like to thank CoastNEL and their North Prom group for the major contribution to this project. The four new public art projects are centred around Cleethorpes’ stunning seascape and miles of golden sands, encouraging activity and events, relaxation and contemplation, all in equal measure.”

Other elements of the programme including new illuminations and fitness street furniture are due to be installed later this year.

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