Plans for HMOs in Portsmouth

Plans for HMOs in Portsmouth

Plans to create or expand four HMOs, or shared homes, in Portsmouth are to be considered next week. Some residents have raised objections and fears that affected areas will become a “bedsit wonderland.”

Two of the applications have sparked objections from residents including a home in Festing Grove. Plans have already been deferred at a meeting in February in order to provide more information on the performance of other HMOs in Portsmouth.

It has since been confirmed that within 50 metres of the property in Festing Grove, 6.5% of homes are already HMOs.

This sits within Portsmouth City Council’s 10% limit.

One resident of Festing Grove said:

“I am very concerned about the proposal. It suggests developing buildings which were not built for this purpose into HMOs – 7 double bedrooms could equate to 14 people living in a property designed as a private family residence.

If this were to happen it would ultimately result in occupants producing more rubbish than a single, and potentially 14 extra cars being parked in an already overcrowded street.’

Another stated that:

“Another similar property has been nothing but problems, and has attracted regular visits from the police due to drug problems.

We already have HMO’s which were allegedly guaranteed for use by professional people who promised that they would be using either bikes or public transport. That never happened. More cars appeared and now the parking issue is out of control.”

Similar concerns were voiced about a home in Stubbington Avenue, which is expected to be converted into a four-bedroom HMO.

The other two applications – in Green Road and St Andrew’s Road – have 10.6% and 33% HMOs within a 50 metre radius respectively.

Responses from the public, which have largely opposed the plans, have included:

“Planners have and continue to turn Portsmouth into a dump. The more HMO’s the worse the area becomes.”


“It looks like the council are trying to solve the housing problems. But looking at it. It’s going to bring out more problems. So as far as it looks. It’s not going to work out well.”

A final decision is due to be made on Wednesday, March 11.

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