The man behind the Cleethorpe Road rooftop stand-off

The man behind the Cleethorpe Road rooftop stand-off

Following a incident on Tuesday 3rd of March, Daniel Chandler, 18, the man behind the Cleethorpe Road rooftop stand-off, has been charged with eight offences.

In the morning of Tuesday 3rd, Humberside Police released a wanted poster, stating that Chandler was wanted in connection with two robberies, an assault, thefts, harassment and criminal damage.

Within a couple of hours, he was identified as having taken to the roof of Humber House/Desire Massage Parlour, formerly Nicole’s Massage Parlour on Cleethorpe Road, after police tracked him to a flat above.

We reported this live here and here.

During the stand-off Chandler shouted down to his friends and demanded an umbrella when there was a brief shower of rain.

He also hurled abuse at people walking to and from their work, including our reporters. Local businesses were badly affected as the cordon put in place was widened to safeguard people from the objects being thrown from the roof which included several empty glass bottles and TV aerials.

The incident resulted in lanes in both directions being closed to traffic. It was the second stand off at the same location this year.

Four hours after Chandler was identified, Humberside Police issued the following statement:

“We can confirm that the incident on Cleethorpe Road has now been brought to a safe conclusion, with one man brought into our custody.

We would like to thank the local community for their patience whilst the incident was ongoing.”

Today, Humberside Police have announced that Daniel Chandler has been charged with eight offences following his arrest on Tuesday 3 March.

Four charges were for offences occurred between 12 January and 26 February; those were for an assault, criminal damage and two counts of theft.

A further four charges were for offences that occurred between 2 and 3 March, those were for an assault with intent to cause GBH, robbery, a public order offence and a common law offence relating to him taking to the roof of Humber House and towing items and debris at emergency services.

Many locals have expressed their anger at the damage that Chandler’s behaviour has done to businesses and the valuable time of the emergency services.

Dan Chandler is due to appear in court today, 5 March 2020.


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