Should Cow & Gate issue a recall?

Should Cow & Gate issue a recall?

A Doncaster woman is urging Cow & Gate to recall some of their products after she reported that she had found a piece of wood in a pot of Cow & Gate baby food.

The woman, who does not wish to be named, said that she had spoken to a member of Cow & Gate last week, and was told that the quality department was shut.

She was informed that she would receive a call back the following day.

She said that she was left feeling as though her concerns were being dismissed, and that Cow & Gate were neither listening nor understanding the seriousness of the situation:

“My two-year-old daughter only eats C&G baby food.

She has a rare genetic condition called Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome. She is two-years-old, but the size of a three-month-old baby.

I was feeding her last night when I found that the food contained a fairly large wooden splint, which is a clear choking hazard.

I am extremely angry and upset as I rely on this food for her, and C&G won’t recall this item until a full investigation has been completed.

I’m very worried that somebody else might not notice it, and that something awful might happen.”

Cow & Gate say that although they view this as an isolated incident, the product is currently under investigation and that they are in constant talks with the customer.

Should Cow & Gate issue a recall?

They allege that the product, a pot of pasta with tomatoes, spinach and cheese for children of 10+ months, passes through a rigorous process of quality control, and that this is the only report of such an incident that they have received. When we approached C&G for a statement, they said:

“We’re sorry to hear about this experience. We always want our products to reach parents in the best possible condition and we thoroughly investigate every complaint.

Our baby foods are made in a highly controlled and hygienic environment. Our ingredients pass through a range of quality control processes such as sieves, filters and visual inspection before being cooked in an enclosed line.  Once each tray has been filled, it is individually checked.  We’ve not had any other reports of pieces of wood in this batch or any other recent batches of our tray meals.  We’ve also checked our factory records and all the test results at our factory have been within our normal specification.

The customer has returned the tray meal to us and we’ve already started to investigate.  We’ll continue to keep in touch with her and update her on our findings.”

At present, Cow & Gate have not issued a recall.

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