Parking on pavements could be banned in England

Parking on pavements could be banned in England

Parking on pavements could be banned in England

In efforts to improve safety for pedestrians, the Department for Transport have announced that they are considering banning parking on pavements in England.

With the exception of London, where a ban already exists, only lorries are currently prevented from pavement parking.

The government are opening a consultation on whether to give local authorities greater parking powers.

This comes after a committee of MPs called for a nationwide ban on the “blight” of parking on pavements.

The Commons’ transport committee were told that the worst cases of pavement parking were significantly impacting the lives of disabled, elderly and vulnerable people.

It was alleged that blocked walkways were exacerbating the growing issue of loneliness in Britain.

It is said that the consultation would look at a variety of options, including giving local authorities extended powers to crack down on this behaviour.

A proposal by the Department for Transportation has stated their intentions:

  • Pavements set to become safer for parents and disabled people thanks to proposals to crack down on pavement parking
  • Consultation will look at options including how a national pavement parking ban could work, taking into account necessary exceptions.
  • Latest in a series of improvements by the Transport Secretary to accelerate pace of change for a more accessible transport network

However, the AA have warned that a ban could have “unintended consequences” and cause more widespread “parking chaos”.

They have not disagreed that there is a problem, but have suggested that:

“An outright ban could lead to unintended consequences with parking chaos becoming more widespread.

A better solution would be for councils to make a street-by-street assessment and where pavement parking could be allowed it be clearly marked and signed.”

Last year, Scotland became the first country in the UK to legislate against pavement parking. This ban will be enforced from 2021.

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