Portsmouth urged to stay home as seafronts are packed

Portsmouth urged to stay home as seafronts are packed

MPs urge Portsmouth to stay at home as seafronts are packed

MPs have launched a cross-party plea, urging the people of Portsmouth to “stay at home and save lives” as local seafronts are packed in defiance of government advice on social distancing.

Hundreds of families, couples and dog walkers were seen strolling along the seafront after the government ramped up the fight against coronavirus with a sweeping list of closures on Friday.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly urged Britons to avoid unnecessary travel.

Stephen Morgan, the Labour MP for Portsmouth South and Penny Mordaunt, the Conservative MP for Portsmouth North, have now launched a joint plea to avoid similar recklessness in other parts of the city.

Stephen Morgan said:

“We all need to work together to beat coronavirus.

If you stay at home you are helping our NHS save lives. If you go out unnecessarily you are helping spread the virus.

We are asking you to do your bit.”

This comes after images taken over the weekend showed hundreds of people also walking along local seafronts in close proximity to one another.

Boris Johnson has warned that those who fail to adhere to social distancing measures could cause the NHS to be “overwhelmed”, and warned of tighter restrictions.

National Health Service employees have also echoed the message, with clusters up and down the country uniting in hospital corridors for photos with the caption: “We stay here for you, please stay home for us.”

On Friday, it was reported that social distancing measures could be in place for as long as a year to keep coronavirus at bay .

Eight people have now died in Portsmouth from coronavirus, including three deaths announced on Saturday evening.

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