Increased demand for milkmen and women

Increased demand for milkmen and women

Increased demand for milkmen and women

Milk delivery services are experiencing a significantly increased demand for milkmen and women as people adhere to government advice on social distancing and try to avoid unnecessary trips.

Companies such as Milk & More, which is the largest such service in the country, are urgently recruiting milkmen and women after the Covid-19 outbreak caused a dramatic surge in demand.

Patrick Muller of Milk & More said:

“We have been at the heart of the communities in which we serve for decades, but potentially we have never had such an important role as we do now in this current health crisis.

Our customers are our number one priority, and they’re relying on us delivering to them more now than ever before, which is why it is absolutely crucial that we look to increase our workforce.”

They are now seeking at least 100 additional workers for their 25,000 new customers, and have urged anyone out of work, either permanently or temporarily, to contact the company.

The company are no longer accepting new customers, because they simply cannot meet the demand.

Local and regional milk deliverers have also reported a surge in demand as people try to limit visits to supermarkets.

For decades, Milkmen and their floats were a familiar sight in the UK, dropping off and collecting milk bottles on their early-morning rounds. Their numbers dwindled dramatically due to competition from local stores and supermarkets.

Milk & More still employs 1,000 milkmen and women and uses the latest electric floats to deliver around 100 million pints of milk each year.



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