Two Rutland Street child abusers jailed

Two Rutland Street child abusers jailed

Two Rutland Street child abusers jailed

Two Rutland Street child abusers have been jailed. Grimsby woman Rebecca Holloway, 26, and her accomplice Oliver Wilson, 28, have been sentenced to 12.5 and 30 years respectively following a series of acts of child sexual abuse.

They were jailed at Teesside Crown Court after both defendants admitted two offences of rape of a child, and conspiracy to sexually assault a child.

Holloway also admitted to making and distributing indecent images of children, and Wilson to rape, assault by penetration, and making indecent photographs of children.

In addition to his sentence, Wilson will be on extended licence of five years after his release.

Holloway was present in the dock for the first of the two-day sentencing hearing. She appeared via a video link from Low Newton Prison, County Durham, when the actual jail sentence was imposed yesterday. Afterwards, she simply said “thank you.”

She will be on extended licence of a year after her release.

Two Rutland Street child abusers jailed

Holloway’s barrister is self-isolating because of the coronavirus outbreak and appeared via a video link from his home for the first day. All of the barristers involved were present via telephone for the second day.

Wilson told police that he and Holloway were seeing one another for about a year, Holloway said that they met on the Tinder dating site. They were caught when Lincolnshire Police discovered Wilson’s activities during an online paedophile investigation. He was showing “great interest in buying used children’s underwear on eBay.”

Judge Paul Watson QC said that Holloway and Wilson’s sexually charged text messages made for some of the most “depraved and vile” reading. Of one particular victim, he said:

“You sexually abused her in an horrific and appalling way.

When she was asked how many times she had been raped by you, she could only reply ‘lots’.

Your abuse of that little girl has left deep and long-lasting emotional scarring.

She still needs counselling, she lacks her former self-confidence.”

Wilson had a preoccupation with sexual matters and was a high risk of serious sexual assault.

“The potential victims of your offending are pre-pubescent children,” said Judge Watson.

During a raid of Oliver Wilson’s home, police conducted an analysis of his phone and other devices, finding “highly sexualised and exceptionally graphic” conversations with Holloway about the “serious sexual abuse of children”.

When Wilson’s home was searched, a Lolita movie and a bin bag of soiled children’s clothes were found. Sexual photographs of young children were found on Holloway’s phone.

Sexual images of children were found in Holloway’s possession as well as a close-up picture of girls’ underwear.

Holloway had no previous convictions.

Wilson had youth court convictions.

Wilson is said to have shown remorse, and Holloway has said: “I feel sick for what I have done.”

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