Boxer Anthony Joshua pays tribute to staff at Watford General Hospital

Boxer Anthony Joshua pays tribute to staff at Watford General Hospital

Watford-born Boxer Anthony Joshua has thanked and paid tribute to those on the frontline of the battle against Covid-19, especially staff at Watford General Hospital.

In a supportive video message, Joshua, who was born and brought up in Watford, thanked those at Watford General Hospital who are treating Covid-19 patients.

He also tweeted:

“Hi guys, hope everyone’s staying safe! It’s humbling to see people giving their everything right now to keep us safe. Shout to everyone on the front-line. We see you, we appreciate you, we thank you and we’re in awe of you!”

“So many unsung heroes. Carers, teachers, dustbin men, shop keepers, shelf stackers, the list goes on…. We appreciate you too. Thank you!”

Joshua said Watford is “very very close to his heart” and chuckled as he remembered the number of times he had been cared for at Watford General Hospital during his teenage years.

Joshua said:

“I was actually born in Watford General Hospital so you guys have taken good care of me since a child and I have been in that hospital many times as a teenager, and you guys have stitched me up and patched me up and I’m here still fighting today, so you are appreciated from day one to mid teens to young adult life.”

He added that he hopes his message to staff at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust can make a “big difference” and wanted them to know they are “loved, you are appreciated, you’re valued and you guys will go down in history.

“Thank you so much. Let’s continue to fight Covid-19. God bless you.”

The 53 second video clip was shared by the hospital trust which runs Watford General Hospital.

A grateful West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust responded to Anthony Joshua’s tribute to staff at Watford General Hospital, tweeting:

“KAPOW! World champion boxer @anthonyfjoshua has some fighting talk for #TeamWestHerts staff in the battle against Covid-19.

“Thank you Anthony, just the boost our staff need to come out swingin’!”

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