Fines are increasing in fight against pandemic

Fines are increaSouth Yorkshire crime falls during lockdownsing in fight against pandemic

Fines are increasing in fight against pandemic

The police chief for South Yorkshire Police has issued a statement, saying that “fines are increasing in the fight against the pandemic.”

This comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson permitted people in England to travel further and participate in unlimited outdoor exercise, allowing picnics and sunbathing.

Chief Constable Stephen Watson QPM, continued:

“After more than 30 years in policing, I am acutely aware that communication is key in times of crisis. On this basis, I want to ensure I provide you with the necessary clarity on what you can expect from your police in this new phase of our collective fight against the pandemic.

“In truth, very little has changed, in terms of the policing response. We continue to take the approach of engaging, explaining and encouraging the public and reserve enforcement for the times when it is absolutely necessary and proportionate.

“Now, if you encounter officers whilst you are out and about, they may enquire as to who you are with more so than the purpose of your journey. There are more permitted reasons for you to leave your house, but you are still advised to socially distance from anyone who is not a member of your household.

“Your officers share your aims for a return to normality, they too wish to visit loved ones safe in the knowledge that this can cause no harm but we are not there yet. Adherence to these restrictions will help us to get there, so I urge you to continue to work with us to save lives.  

“No police officer joins the job with the aim to restrict the liberty of the law abiding but we do join to help save lives. This is our small but essential role in this battle against the virus.

“Whilst we are only having to take formal action in respect of a very small and irresponsible minority, the fines for those who choose not to adhere are increasing. 

“Whilst the response to the pandemic remains a priority, so too does our core role of preventing and detecting crime.

“This weekend we saw a number of shootings across Sheffield. We retain a number of highly experienced and dedicated detectives whose role it is to investigate this type of criminality and to bring people to justice. They have already made a number of arrests and seized a firearm. We also have increased patrols in the affected areas to provide reassurance to local residents. It is difficult for me to comment further at this stage of the investigation but please rest assured I, like you, have no tolerance of this dangerous and deplorable behaviour on the city’s streets.”

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