Council reverse Covid-19 parking restrictions

Cleethorpes parking prices increase

Council reverse Covid-19 parking restrictions

North East Lincolnshire Council have reversed road closures and parking restrictions throughout the seaside resort as of this morning.

Following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement that people are now permitted to travel for exercise, it was expected that seaside resorts would recieve and be overwhelmed by an influx of visitors.

As such, North East Lincolnshire Council issued public guidelines on creating a ‘Covid-19 secure resort’.

The Council stated that the Central Promenade would be completely closed to vehicles, and the North Promenade would only be open to blue badge holders and those picking up from businesses.

Now, they have now reopened the Northern Promenade to all vehicles following a complaint from the owner of the private car park at the end of the North Prom.

Until 6pm on Sunday, motorists can park in the council spaces. The private car park, near Wonderland, is also now open. The Central Promenade remains closed to all traffic.

Many locals have expressed concern that the Council are actively encouraging out of town visitors to come to the resort during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In response to such claims, Councillor Stewart Swinburn said:

“We are not encouraging people to use the car park but it has opened to the general public.

“We are abiding by the Government’s guidance and encouraging people to stay at home if they can, be wary of other people when out and to abide by social distancing.”

A spokesperson for the council added:

“If you choose to come to Cleethorpes this weekend, please follow Government guidelines, maintain social distancing and keep everyone in our resort safe.

“Please be aware that many shops, premises and attractions are currently closed.

“Please enjoy the resort responsibly.”

According to the most recent government guidance, people are allowed to visit Cleethorpes beach to spend time outdoors, sunbathe, picnic, exercise and meet one person from outside their household.

Signs have been installed in Cleethorpes reminding people to “maintain social distance” due to the ongoing pandemic.


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